Hash browns


1 large potato (12-15oz)
salt to taste
other spices as desired

Equipment needed:

Optional Equipment:


1. Plug in non-stick waffle iron and turn to highest setting.
2. Scrub potato. Shred potato using your favorite method.
• Options include: food processor shredder attachment, hand grater, spiralizer
3. Squeeze out as much excess water as possible either by wrapping shredded potato in a tea towel and squeezing out liquid or press shredded potato in potato ricer.
4. Put dried shredded potato in bowl. Toss in salt and any other spices, stir to combine.
5. Lift lid of waffle iron. Place shredded potato evenly on waffle iron. Close lid firmly.
6. Set timer for 15-20 minutes depending on how crispy you want the potato. DO NOT lift lid before 15 minutes as potato will stick and split apart. When desired time has lapsed, slowly and carefully lift lid, peeling any potato that is sticking to the lid away with a spatula.


The best hash browns ever. Learn how to make it in a waffle iron!