Ground Leaf’s mission is to bring you savory, hearty, whole recipes to get you started - and keep you going - on your plant based journey. 

Changing the way you eat can completely change your life, but it can also feel complicated. Ground Leaf is designed specifically to be simple and clear. Think of it as an electronic cookbook - easy to navigate and find exactly what you’re looking for based on your changing needs, moods, and cravings. Plus, most of the recipes have a corresponding video to help show you instead of tell you, which makes it even simpler to eat healthy, whole foods. 

Ground Leaf recipes are mostly made from scratch using herbs and spices to create flavorful dishes bringing out the best in plant foods. Since eating this way can be time consuming, many of the dishes use a pressure cooker, which saves time, energy, and clean-up, and can also boost the nutrient value of your food.

The quick videos and informational articles (with widely sourced references) that you’ll find here will keep you inspired and satisfied all the way to your healthiest, most energized self. 


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