mashed potatoes

2 lb. Yukon or Russet potatoes, roughly 1” pieces, peeled if desired

1/4 cup cashews* 
  (soaked if not using high speed blender)
1 cup water or VEGETABLE STOCK
1/2 TB salt
1/4 tsp black pepper

*For even creamier mashed potatoes, increase cashews to 1/2 cup.


1. Add potatoes to INSTANT POT inner pot and cover with water.
2. Secure lid in place > Turn valve to SEALING > Press MANUAL or PRESSURE COOK > Adjust time to 8 minutes > After 10 seconds display will read ON
3. Add cashews, water/stock, salt, and pepper to blender and blend until smooth.
4. When time has lapsed > Allow for NATURAL PRESSURE RELEASE for 10-15 minutes > QUICK RELEASE remaining pressure by turning valve to VENTING > Remove lid away from you
5. Carefully drain potatoes. Return pot with potatoes to machine and press SAUTÉ. Let potatoes sit for 1 minute to dry up excess water.
6. Turn machine off. Lightly mash potatoes with masher or press through a potato ricer.
7. Add cashew milk and mash until desire consistency. Be careful not to over mash as potatoes can become gluey.